I provide day care for socialized and discerning canines of medium size. No pups or intact teens (always problematic). Just drop them off with me for the day and when you pick them up they'll just want to sleep.

I am here to look after and pamper your pets when you can't. Home from home doggy day care sharing my house with just me and the occasional other four legged guest? (Not cats obviously!)

Whether your dogs fancy exploring Dulwich Woods, Crystal Palace Park, Beckenham Woods, Mayow, Cator and South Norwood country parks, or a canal side ramble for a swim, you can be certain that they will return fit, healthy, and happy from their stay!

All guests should first meet me and approve the offered accomodation. Then a trial day to see how we get along. If all goes well we can increase the number of days and once a part of my extended family, I am always available. 

I don't take puppies and small dog breeds, or those who are bedwetters, barkers or bonkers!

Have a look at the videos on Ruperts Rambles at Facebook to see who I do take


Please note that I am only boarding dogs who are already in day care with me, are over a year old and neutered. They must also be used to sleeping in their own room and happy alone or with other dogs at night. I do not pick up and drop off.

07962 949110 email rupert.douglas@hotmail.com

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