Home Boarding Rates

£30.00 per Full Day Stay - (8am to 6pm) - including at least two walks 

£35.00 per Day and Night - (Collection before 10.00 next day)

please note that for first time visitors I will require payment in advance. Discounts for regulars though and longer stays. Please ask!

They have the run of the house, front and back garden, and there are no cats, small children or tiny dogs to endure...

Just provide food, any special toys and contact details. Let me do the rest. Any medication I am happy to administer.

Usually only one dog boards at a time, or with your consent, another daycare guest with whom I know they would get on; mostly my regular labs, lurchers, and retrievers who love nothing more than a good tug of war, chase, and wrestle. Have a look at my facebook link below and see if you think your hound would enjoy some new friends! If you have WhatsApp I am happy to send you pics and videos of your dog enjoying its holiday!

            Doggy video posts on my facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ruperts-Rambles/139219169544070

Please note that I don't take male dogs who have not been neutered!

References available naturally, but please do read some of my Google reviews as they are of course completely independent....


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