Drop your dogs off here for the day and go to work without worrying how they will be. I can tell you how they will be - in my company all the time and probably with others having the time of their lives!     

 I am not a dog walker who has eight dogs or more and wanders at the pace of the slowest whilst welded to a mobile phone like all the others seem to! (No doubt spending most of the time driving the dogs around in a overcrowded van rather than walking them.) I generally don't have more than two dogs at a time.

If you suspect that your dog is enduring that shoddy treatment, try me out and the improvement will be apparent immediately. As well as Labs, I take Lurchers, Airedales, Wolfhounds, labradoodles etc!           

 I guarantee if your hound is not tired out when you get home you can have your money back! 

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